Freelancer wanted


We are looking for a freelancer who can assist, on call, with cable management assignments. We are looking for someone with a technical background, someone who sees no problems but challenges, is always looking for the most efficient solutions and is customer-friendly.

We are looking for a freelancer who:
- Is in possession of a VCA;
- Masters the Dutch and English language;
- Is accurate;
- Is customer-friendly, customer-oriented and has a flexible attitude;
- Has a good understanding of quality, safety, welfare and the environment;
- Can work well independently as well as in a team;
- Does not have a 9 to 5 mentality;
- Can perform electrical installation and maintenance work;
- Can install cable trays;
- Can pull cables;
- Is in possession of a driving license and owns transportation;
- Lives within a radius of maximum 50km from Delft;
- Can work systematically;
- Has at least 2 years of work experience;

Interested? Please send us your curriculum vitae, CV, and details to info@profscomputers.nl