Bol.com phishing mail: Gift card worth 1000

You can recieve an email from Bol.com ( info@archiepaean.nl ) indicating that a gift card worth 1000 will be given away and you must confirm your personal details. Do NOT fall for this! The link they want you to go is ( http://www.ojd-suivivn.com/track?link=415&n=20141009&cible=//but.calebignat.de/?MTkxNDc2MjU2PTMwMDQ1JjI4ODU4MzM9ODImNDU9Y2xpY2smMWN3M214Nz00JmxpZD0zMjM3 ), this has nothing to do with Bol.com. You can view the mail which is sent to you below. If you have any other spam mails, you can send them to spam@profscomputers.nl so we can show it on our site to alert other people.