New Computer

Interested in a new computer

Are you interested in a new computer, feel free to contact us. We will come to you to discuss what wishes you have and what you need.  We then make you an offer without any obligation on your part. If you accept, we will build the computer to the specifications and requirements mentioned in the offer. We will make an appointment with you when the new computer is built to place the new computer. We will make a backup, if possible and if you wishes, of the data on your old computer and we will copy the data to your new computer. We will also connect all peripheral equipment such as a printer, webcam or scanner. We will also take care of the right settings for email, internet and intivirus. Last but not least we wil give you an instruction how to use your new system.

Custom made computer

Do you want a computer just for word editing or internet, we will adjust the computer to those functionalities. Do you want to function watch() { [native code] } movies with the new computer or edit photos, we will adjusth the computer to those functionalities. If you desire a good game pc, we will make sure the compuer is perfectly tuned for games. There are lots of possibilities to make a computer custom made to your wishes. We use only top brands for hardware which is one of the reasons we handle a warranty term of 3 years.

Water cooling

Do you like to have a computer with water cooling? That is also possible to arrange for you.

Your old computer

If you don't want to keep your old computer we can safely despatch the old computer for you. All the data of the old computer will be destroyed and the computer itself will be destroyed environmentally friendly so you don't have to worry about it anymore and you can have a safe feeling the your old data won't fall in the wrong hands.

New Computer