Cable management office

Existing workplaces

You have a nice office but all the cables beneath and around your workstation are a thorn in the side. Everywhere cables are dangling and there are cables everywhere on the floor. Profs Computers will make your desk and workplace neat, tidy and beautiful again.

Are you moving?

If you are moved or still will be moving we can halp you to make sure everything concerning workplaces will look tidy such as cables around the workplaces. We save you all the work and we will examine all power strips and cables, while organizing the workplaces. Cables can be damaged or have fractures. If cables or power strips needs to be replaced, we will do this for you in liaison with you.

Advangtages of cable management

  1. It will look smooth, tidy and representative;
  2. Less sensitive to interference;
  3. No excess cable length;
  4. Easy to clean everything around and on your desk;
  5. Examination of existing power strips and cables;
  6. No visible cables (where practicable);
  7. Workstations can often be moved easily;
  8. You prevend cable ruptures and short-circuiting;
  9. It's safer for your employees (won’t be stuck in cables with their feet for example);
  10. Labeling the network cables. (That your own ict can act quickly when you have a failure);
  11. Guard Corporate Identity.

Do you have questions or would you like to have a quotation, feel free to call or e-mail us.

We work following these steps:

  1. We will analyze, at your company, to determine what you have and how many workplaces you have;
  2. We will give you advise considering the options you have;
  3. We will offer you a clear quotation and an action plan;
  4. The action plan will be executed by professionals.
Cable management office