Cable management patch cabinet

Almost every organization has a patch cabinet. A new patch cabinet is usually neat and well-arranged where internet, data and telephony come together. These cables are the most important veins of your company and should be patched sometimes because the structure doesn't always stay. The patch cabinet often turns into a cabinet with tangled cables because of less consistently handling cables after a period of time, because of reorganisation or employee turnover. This can cause losing an overview and can cause to solving interferences or problems will be harder. We would like to help you with rearranging your patch cabinet to prevent this.

Rearrange patch cabinet

We rearrange all cables within your patch cabinet in which we use differnt colours of network cables. Your patch cabinet will become neat and well-arranged again, this way you always know exactly which cable goes where. You will always have a good overview.


We will also tag every cable at every workplace, this way the system administrator can act quickly and see rapidly where the possible interference is.

A few advantages of cable management.

  1. It will look smooth and tidy;
  2. It is less sensitive to interference;
  3. Examination of existing power strips and cables;
  4. You will prevent a short circuit and cable breaks;
  5. Tagging of network cables (This way your IT can act quickly when there are interferences);

Feel free to call or e-mail us when you have questions or if you would like to have a quotation.

We work following these steps:

STEP 1: We will do an analysis, at your company.
STEP 2: We will give you advise considering the options you have.
STEP 3: We will offer you a clear quotation and an action plan.
STEP 4: The action plan will be executed by professionals.