Computer APK

Why choose an APK (General Recurrent Inspection)

A computer or laptop attracts dust like a magnet. The Internet is a source of many viruses and other possible dangers.
With an APK, you keep your computer or laptop safe and in good condition.
 What does an APK mean?

Your computer or laptop will be checked on the following points:

  1. Your computer will be made dustfree
  2. Check for viruses, spam, malware and adware
  3. Programs that slow the system’s speed down
  4. Windows Updates
  5. Starting procedure
  6. Errors in Windows
  7. Firewall
  8. Security and settings browsers
  9. Virus scanner
  10. Presence check for unnecessary files and cookies
  11. Check for illegal or undesirable software

It is wise to have your computer inspected once per year with an APK.

A few advantages are:

  1. The computer or laptop will be quieter
  2. The cooling will be much better
  3. The lifespan of your computer or laptop will be longer
  4. The computer or laptop will not be overheated 
  5. The computer or laptop will not lose its speed


Computer APK