Computer repair

Computer service en reparatie

Do you have a computer that is slow or crashes, then we will be happy to help you with the problem. We test the computer by means of a hardware test and we will clean the inside. If the test shows that something needs to be replaced or something else needs to be done, we will call you in advance. After you agree, the repair will be performed. When the computer is ready, we make a new appointment with you to place the computer at your home so you can be sure the hardware of the computer is 100% reliable.


Do you have anything installed causing your computer not responding or the computer crashes quickly by a virus or malware? Profs Computers can solve these problems. If the problem cannot be solved at your home, we will take the computer to our workshop after, consultation with you, to fix the problem(s). Once the problem is solved, we will make an appointment with you to place the computer at your home so you can continue where you left off.


Your computer is due for an upgrade or you are unsatisfied with your computer, but it deserves a refurbishment by adding additional memory, a larger hard drive or a better video card? Pros Computers will examine what is possible for you. We give you several options to choose from. Your computer will be running much better again and this way Windows 10 will run good or even better on your computer.


If your computer has a hardware problem, we can see in detail what the problem is with this software. We easily can see this way what has to be replaced for example.


  • Distinct: expertise and reliability compared to a hobbyist
  • Time-saving: the hardware problem will be find and solved quickly
  • Save money: high costs are of the past, becuase of a detailed diagnose
  • Reliable: solide test results
  • Clear: clear testreports 

Making an appointment

You can call us or send an e-mail to make an appointment.

Computer repair