Phone and tablet repair

Fast repair: ready within 30 minutes!

Profs Computers only wants the best for their customers. To be able to offer you quick and professional service Profs Computers established a cooperation with GSM-TabletShop. By working together with these experts, Profs Computers can guarantee you phone and/or tablet can be fixed within 30 minutes to 1 hour! There are certain models which take more time to repair, but in these cases we always let you know. We know how important it is not to be a day without a smartphone and/or tablet!

The best service and warranty

Of course you have a warranty on the repair and we always think with you and we will make sure you always leave satisfied.

Pick-up service

Unique in the region! You don't have time to bring your smartphone or tablet? Profs Computers can pick up your smartphone/tablet for you! For 5 euros we come to you to pick up the defice at your home. You will only have to to pick-up your smartphone or tablet at GSM-TabletShop at Ypenburg when the repair is finished. 

Special offer!

You'll get a tempered glass screenprotector with each repair for free. The screenprotector is made of hardened, chemically treated glass. The glass is super bright, and has high sensitivity and a comfortable touch feeling. The glass screenprotector consists of multiple layers but is just 0.3 mm thick. You won't even notice there is a glass screenprotector on the screen! Besides that the screenprotector  is finished of at the sides so it won't bother you.

Do you want to know the price in advance?

Do you want to know the price in advance? Fill in your personal data and information about your phone or tablet below, we can give you detailed information about the price.

Phone and tablet repair