Seniors support

Support for elderly people

These days almost everyone is forced to use a computer. For those who didn’t grew up using a computer, it can be difficult to start using a computer. Questions often aren’t asked because you don’t want to bother anyone. Sometimes the people who do have the knowledge, do not have time to help you out. Still, you would like answers to your questions and be able to digest these at your own pace.
We are happy to answer those questions and will do so in the way and manner you prefer. We take our time and will show you how you can use the computer until you are confident that you can do it yourself.

PC Basic

The Basic PC software will make it even easier for you. You do not have to worry about things can go wrong. The special Basic PC software is specially designed for those who find it very difficult to work with Windows. This software is installed on your computer, and acts as a shield on your Windows so you only have a few simple buttons on your screen to click. This way it is safe to work with your computer. You can have this special Basic PC software to close, so you can work on Windows and reboot the Basic PC software.

If you have questions about the special Basic PC software please contact us or email to info@profscomputers.nl


Seniors support