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Office Home & Student 2013

Office 2013 Home & Students is designed to create and organise quicker, with new, time-saving functions and a neat, modern look. U will save time makeing assignments for school or personal projects because of this. Besides that, you can save your documents in the cloud on Onedrive which will give you the possibility to work where, when and how you want. You always be able to get to your documents on your pc, internet or even a from a smartphone.

With predefined templates in Word and Powerpoint, you can execute assignments perfectly, with visual effects and lots of editing possibilities for media with whitch ideas creatively can be expressed. Excel 2013 contains professional spreadsheet functions to simplify data processing, from keeping up the expenses up to making a housekeeping book. Office Home & Student is just for one pc.

Office Home & Business 2013

Office Home & Business 2013 is the best option for those who want to work with the most important Office programs and Outlook on one computer. Switch over to expand your business activities and work more better en more efficiënt on the road.

Office Professional 2013

Office Professional 2013 is he best option for those who want to work with a complete suite of Office programs on one computer.The professional standard has developed. Switch over to the newest Office programs to work better and more efficiënt. Office Professional contains all functionalities and programs Office has for Home & Business but has also Publisher and Access.

Office 365

Office 365 Home Premium is an ideal solution for families who want all Office programs on max 5 computers or Macs, want to use cloud services and are willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee. The newest versions of reliable Office functions are combined with extra possibilities such as extra OneDrive-capacity and extra call minutes for Skype. You can log-on your personal account to access up-to-date functions, your documents and custom settings.

Office 365 Small Business Premium is ideal to comapanies with 25 employees or less who wants to have access to e-mail, trusted Office programs, web conferences and more services everywhere in the cloud.

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Microsoft Office