Password safe Mac (MacPass)

Are you also getting sick of remembering all those passwords? Do you often use the same passwords to remember them well (which is less secure)? This problem is solved with this password safe or password manager, specifically for Mac. You only have to remember one password, the safe then enters the correct password on the sites.

1. Download MacPass.

2. Click in folder 'Downloads', on the file 'MacPass'.

3. Install MacPass on your Mac.

4. Create a new password vault (database) by clicking on 'Create new Database'.

( Safe the file on a location where you can easily find it yourself )

5. Now you have to make up one master password.

( This password is the only one you need to remember well )

6. You are now ready to use the password vault.

Store a password in the safe.

You can organize it super well, save it in a specific folder and safe it all to your own liking.

1. You will see a number of folders where you can store a password.

2. By clicking with the right mouse button, or secundair clicking / control-clicking for the Mac, you can get a menu with a number of options. You can also create a new password by clicking on the upright left key icon with the text 'New Entry' (button in the blue circle on the second image)

3. If you want to save a password for expample for a website (Facebook). Click on the 'Internet' folder.

4. Click on the right mouse button in the right pane.

5. There you can click on 'New Entry' in the drop-down menu or you can click on the key icon to add a new entry right away.

6. You will see a new screen. Click on 'Title'. Type in 'Facebook' or another desired title.

7. Type your username, for example for Facebook, at 'Username'.

8.  Click at 'Password' on the 'Generate' button to generate a new password. 

9. Now a screen appears to generate a new password. Click on the number which is standing next to 'Length', change this number to '20' and click on 'Use Password'.

10. Now you need to go to Facebook for example and change the password you now use for Facebook to the password of your password vault.

11. If successful, you can copy the link from the Facebook login screen and paste it into the password vault under 'URL'.

Now you are all set and have a good safe for all the passwords you have. It is best to use a new unique password for each function/site. When copying the desired password to use it at the right site to log in, you have 12 seconds to paste the password in the right place. This is basically the way MacPass and other password managers work.

Use the passwords on multiple computers and/or phones via Dropbox.

You can also use the password vault on multiple computers by saving the password vault in Dropbox. The condition is that the password of Dropbox at least also has a very strong and unique password, which also does not have the same password that is used within KeePass itself and the KeePass file itself. This to ensure the file with all passwords does not end up in the wrong hands. To be able to use the password vault through Dropbox you have to save the password vault file you saved earlier on your Mac on Dropbox.